About this app

This is a tool aimed at categorizing applications inside an organization. You can add, edit or delete applications. This tool is based on:

Next you'll get some deeper explanations about the entities and their relationships. At the moment following entities exist:

  • Organization
    • The organization describes a structure (company) some apps belong to.
  • Department
    • An organzation consists of several departments.
  • Application
    • An application is a software meant to do sth.
  • Application Type
    • There are different types of applications like web apps, mobile apps, libraries, middleware etc.
  • Application Bundle
    • Multiple applications may belong to the same construct and be referenced by the same name.
  • Target
    • A target defines a URL plus extra information that has to be investigated (before turning into an application).
  • Tag
    • You can tag applications and targets.


At the left of the page you'll find the navigation menu for this application. Currently there are 2 main categories:

  • admin
  • analysis
admin referes to all those operations related to the entities themself. You can create, edit or even delete objects from a certain type.
analysis contains several views meant at analyzing your data and visualizing things. This should be the location where you publicly expose your data and create meaningful metrics.